Cllr Peter Fleming

for LGA Chairman

"Fighting amongst ourselves over funding and structures is precisely what the government wants us to do…. We need to come together and fight for freedoms and powers that will set local government free and allow us to deliver for the communities we serve, this is our once in a generation opportunity to do that"


Why I am standing

The reason for me putting my name forward to become the next Chairman of the Local Government Association is a fear that we won't grasp the opportunity to fundamentally change the relationship between local and central government.

We are at a crossroads and the debates we have at the moment are at best around managing decline, it doesn't have to be this way, we need to set out our vision of what local government can be and the positive change it can make. 

I believe I have the passion, commitment and skills to lead the LGA through what will be a period of significant change for local government and the country as a whole.

The LGA must clearly and robustly set out a positive vision for local government and the communities we serve.

I will deliver to this agenda for change and also work with the wider group to make sure the LGAs priorities are your priorities.

We need to take every opportunity, local government can solve many of this country’s biggest issues, whether it is the housing crisis, the ever growing cost of Adult Social Care and Children's Services and how we are going to pay for local services into the future, but we must be set free.

We need to raise our sights and set out a radical programme of change for local government and the country as a whole, this is the time to grasp the moment.



He mutinously suggested that local government should “hold firm” and refuse to take on such new burdens “unless significant money is put in place”

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About Me

First elected in 1999 I have worked hard to represent the residents of my ward, my council and local government as a whole over the last 20 years. In 2005 my group showed their trust in me to lead them through a period of, what has become, near constant change in both Sevenoaks and local government. For four years I chaired the LGA’s Improvement & Innovation Board, in that time the board fought for and won, an end to the Audit Commission, the reduction in top down targets, audit fees cut, free peer challenges and the support of members, staff and councils on a journey of improvement and innovation. I served as Conservative LGA deputy chairman, supporting councils and promoting the work of the LGA and local government as a whole, locally, regionally and nationally. I was asked to Chair the Improvement & Innovation Board again in 2018.

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Qualities of the Chair

These are the six qualities I believe the Chair of the LGA needs


The Chair of the LGA must be able to communicate


The Chair of the LGA must be a proven Leader


The Chair of the LGA has to hold a cross party organisation together


The Chair of the LGA must have a clear vision for the LGA and Local Government


The Chair of the LGA needs to be open to new ideas and be brave enough to drive them through


The Chair of the LGA must believe in what they are trying to achieve


“We have zero confidence that funding will follow new functions, and that is borne out through history with multiple examples where government has passed on responsibility and talked about funding coming, but it hasn’t.”

— Cllr Peter Fleming, evidence session to MHCLG Select Committee


The Future

These are the six areas that we as a sector need to focus on for the future


Change for Local Government has been and will continue to be a constant. No change is not an option.


There are no easy answers and anyone who says there are is either delusional or purposefully trying to deceive


We need to be truly questioning organisations about everything we do and the way we do it and challenge orthodoxies


Difference is good and should be celebrated, we are 'local' government and our councils should represent the communities we serve


We need to understand our personal and organisations attitude to risk and take managed risks to move forward


We need to show leadership in everything we do and understand that fundamental difference between management and leadership


"Sometimes you have to decide on a destination without knowing every step of the way to get there"

Cllr Peter Fleming



if you want a chair that will stand up for the sector when the chips are down

if you want a chair that will clearly articulate a new deal for local government

if you want a chair who will call out poor performance without fear or favour

if you want a chair that will put everything into the role

if you want a chair that can reach out to the other parties to get things done

if you want a chair who has negotiated with governments, and won

if you want a chair that will be honest and not over promise

if you want a chair that will do more than manage decline

if you want a chair who has a vision for the LGA and Local Government

Vote Peter for Chair


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